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M07 Rigid Coupling

With our M07 Rigid Coupling, Shurjoint is entering into the ready-to-install Coupling arena, and we have made improvements upon those already there. The M07 also ensures uniform gasket support/stability with our patent-pending wedge design. Experience reduced installation time by only tightening one bolt.

1-Bolt design saves installation time.

Our Quick Install Gasket design provides many features to help your installation is a success.

    Pipe Stop:
  • Ensures the Gasket is properly located in the connection, and assists in vertical installations.
  • Gasket Design:
  • The gasket geometry is optimized for a multitude of installations/applica¬≠tions. Additionally, our Quick Install Gasket begins to seal on the pipe the moment it is installed.
  • Temperature Rating:
  • Our new EHM Grade of EPDM has been designed and testing in conjunc¬≠tion with our M07 to achieve a temperature rating of 250F.

Shurjoint M07 Videos

Aalberts Promo Video

Shurjoint M07 Video Installation Instructions

Shurjoint M07 Installation Comparison